Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sky1 - Foundation Book Review

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I received a copy of this book for review purposes and all opinions are my own.

This book is about the struggle of a man from the lower dredges of society trying to move up to the higher echelon through any means.  It is no longer the Earth we think of today, but man-made levels of living areas, constantly changing by the design of the government and leaders on the upper levels.  It parallels today’s society, with the individuals with money and influences are the upper class living “higher” than those who don’t have much.  The dream of moving up in life are still alive in Nick’s mind and he will do anything necessary to get there, even risk separating himself from his son with the hopes of saving him from the current living level and quarantines. 

It is an interesting concept and idea for a book, but I have to admit there were many instances I had to backtrack and read parts again, as the storyline did not always flow well from chapter to chapter or break to break. It wasn’t a story I could start and just keep reading, and I ultimately spent the greater portion of my reading time being confused.  I also question how someone can be repeatedly “knocked-out” or knocked senseless in less than ad 12 hour period and yet still manage to think clearly and with purpose.  Nick finds himself washed down a tube of chemical water, yet never takes any breaks to wash the chemicals off, even when it was strong enough to burn his lungs.  The idea behind the story is great, but somewhere the imagination just didn't match the realities of human existence and life, especially with so much going on in such a short period of time.

I accept my confusion and lack of reading post-apocalyptic books may have impeded my interest and enjoyment of the book, but it still leaves you wanting to find out what happens.  If you read these types of stories on a regular basis, you will most likely love it.  If you aren’t an avid reader of sci-fi and post-apocalyptic worlds, then you may encounter the same struggles in reading this book as I did.
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