Sunday, July 12, 2015

Devoted Doggy Premium Back Seat Cover for Dogs

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This is a product I wish I had years ago!  The Devoted Doggy Premium Back Seat Cover took less than 30 seconds to secure into place, keeps most the dog hair and the dogs in the back seat, and protects my leather from being marred by their nails.  It is especially nice with the new puppy in our lives, as she likes to be in your lap as you travel down the road, which can create a hazardous situation.  Now I can safely take her to the park or vet without her trying to climb into the front seat and my lap as I drive.

Just as easily as it is installed, it can be removed!  Clips hold the seat cover around the headrests of the seats, just release the clips, fold the product, and store in the trunk!  The cover also has Velcro openings, if you choose to leave it in place, for a passenger to have access to buckle their seat belt.  Just undo the two front clips and let the seat cover lay on the floorboards and use as a general seat cover.  This would also be great when the kids are muddy and you would like to protect the seats and carpet on the floorboards.

I give this product and their customer service 5 stars!! You can purchase this on Amazon at

I received this product heavily discounted for my unbiased review.

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