Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Satellite, The Satellite Trilogy Part 1 Review

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I am an avid book reader, always looking for something new to try or a new series.  Satellite, The Satellite Trilogy Part 1, started off a little slow and confusing for me.  I really wish there would have been a little bit more of a precursor to the story, which would allow the reader to have a better understanding of where the book was headed.  I spent the first two to three chapters trying to get my bearings for what this book was about and how each character related to the story.  By the middle of the book, I was engrossed in it, ready to find out how it would end.  I did have to read a few lines over, here and there, as the writing in areas could have been worded just a bit differently for clarity and understanding.  But overall, I thought that the story-line was a different take than the usual stories and books and is an interesting concept.  I look forward to finishing the series and seeing where the author takes the characters....I'm hoping for an awesome ending for Grant and Tate! Happy Reading!
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